Heated While Hitting the Pavement: 5 Tips to Stay Warm While Running

Heated While Hitting the Pavement:
5 Tips to Stay Warm While Running

As the chilly, winter months roll in, you don’t want to stop your workout routine just because the temperatures have gotten tepid. There are a lot of ways you can feel bundled and warm while still getting a great workout. When it is cold you will inevitably find yourself reconsidering whether to go running or not. Don’t. You don’t have to stop running because of the cold or when the temperature drops a little. You just have to be prepared. Here are the top five suggestions you can use to stay warm.

Wear multiple layers

Don’t wear those heavy garments when going to run in the cold. Wear thin or medium layers to ensure you are well insulated. You can opt for modern fabrics with special thermal designs to maximize heat control. Although you know it’s cold outside, it’s important to gauge how you should dress by checking the actual temperature. The rule is to dress warmer than it is by about 10 to 20 degrees. An easy way to do this is to layer, layer, layer. You know you start to heat up a bit after you get going so find insulated, lightweight items that you can put on and off easily.

Wear dark-colored clothing

When it’s cold out, wearing dark clothes can make a big difference. Although the sun isn’t as strong during the winter months, it will still have an impact when you wear those darker hues as they don’t reflect back as much radiation, or heat and light, as those brighter and lighter colors do, so break out those “warm” tones. Radiation is always present even in the cold weather. Wearing light-colored clothing absorbs solar radiation. When training, put on dark-colored apparel. The sun’s rays may not be a warm as when it is in the summer but it’s crucial to have clothing that’ll generate heat when it is cold. Dark-colored clothing retain the heat so you will remain warm.

Breathe in through your nose

Given that it’s very cold, you should breathe in through your nose and breath out through your mouth. By doing so, the cold air gets warmed up before reaching your lungs. However, don’t use this technique for long periods.

Cover extremities

You have to protect your feet, neck, and hands since they get cold quickly. It is possible to lose up to 70% of the heat from your extremities. Wear socks, gloves, neck warmers, and hats to keep you warm. Put on a thin covering for your extremities to keep you flexible. They should also be moisture-resistant to protect you during the cold weather.

Warm-up indoors

One great way to get your body ready for the cool breeze is to start getting it heated indoors. Instead of doing your warmup outside, right before your run, start it indoors to get your body started at a slightly little higher temperature. Also, when you warm up and loosen up your joints, this promotes that heated feeling throughout to make you feel motivated to embrace the chill. When you warm up indoors, it increases your body temperature. The exercises you do indoors loosens up your joints and helps in coordination.

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These are just our top tips. There are many ways to stay comfortable while out in the cold. Your health comes first, and by staying warm you keep away any illnesses that come due to being exposed to the cold. In addition, you’ll stay on the road or on the trail. Keep healthy and stay warm. Contact us below with questions.

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