Plan A Visit To The Two World’s Sexiest Lifestyle Resorts

The World’s Sexiest Couples Resorts

Desire Pearl & Desire Riviera Maya

Kelly and Greg have been to each of the Desire Resorts many times. We can tell you what it is like in and around the resorts so you know what to expect. Email us and ask a question if you like. But like any vacation, it is what you choose to make of it. And, like any vacation the fun is on you. It can be as much fun as you choose to seek out, as sexy as you want it to be and as public or private as you desire.

So let’s dive in and ask, what is Desire Resort really like?

Beach beds at Desire.

Pool at Desire Pearl.

There are nude and romance resorts and then there’s the best of those. Both Desire Riviera Maya and Desire Riviera Pearl have managed to combine romance and nudity in the best possible ways and like we’ve never experienced. Both resorts around 40 minutes outside Cancun Mexico.

The resorts describe themselves as an “elegant and exclusive, clothing-optional, couples-only resorts.” That is right on the mark. Maya has about 110 rooms and Pearl has about 88. Both resorts are somewhat off the beaten path in Cancun and you’ll see the privacy is very welcomed.

The resorts are situated between acres of mangrove swamps – take the “beware of crocodile signs” seriously look for the crocs! You’ll also see interesting array of jungle birds and animals including a baby coatimundi (wild jungle raccoons that are social, curious and let you pet them on your way to dinner). The resorts are located on the wayward side of the road and situated on a strip of Mexico’s typically breathtaking Caribbean beaches, complete with white sands and warm, turquoise water. The beach includes 40 canopied beach beds (complete with drink-providing waitresses and cabana boys) situated along the edge of the water.

These beds are the ultimate in decadence beach relaxation. Couples frolick romantically on the beach beds during the day. Yes, what you really want to know is does that mean sex is happening on the beds. Yes. The beach gets rare foot traffic from visitors and you’ll find people very respectful of your privacy. At night, it is pretty dark and while we see couples venture down and have sex on the beds at night, you’ll find there are more comfortable options. Still, it is a nice thrill and you should do it once for sure!


Desire Rivera Maya does have a Breathless Resort next door. There is a sea wall of sorts that separate the beach access and so rarely do you see people strolling the beach beyond that wall.

Of course the beach area and the beds are nude friendly. You don’t have to be naked to enjoy either, but most couples do. Even the couples that don’t go in for the all out sex on the beach beds still cuddle and do a lot of touching.

For all couples

Desire Resorts are for couples over 21, but the average age of couples generally tends to be 40. We’ve seen younger and older for sure, but if you’re seeking a stat then 40 is it.

Ethnicity of guests would fall into about 20% Mexican/Latin, 20% European, 20% Canadian, and 40% American in nationality, that’s just a guess. Again the resorts are clothing optional, as opposed to nude means that bathing suits are seen, but the majority of the couples were either nude or topless throughout the day in all areas but restaurants.

Both have your typical resort games such as water polo and beach volleyball taking place, (nude volleyball is always an interesting eyeful) along with far more sexual ones such as the chocolate eating contest (where two couples compete to see who can drizzle and eat the most chocolate and whipped cream off their partners). Nobody is pressured to participate. The tone is entertaining and playful during the day, rather than overtly sexual, and the evening theme is more erotic.

There is no “getting jumped in the lobby” fear that some people perceive happens at lifestyle friendly resorts. The activity staff is relaxed, but enthusiastic and do their best to be inclusive of everyone interested in participating, and respectful of those who want to read quietly, or simply lounge on the beach.


Hot Tub Social Hour: 4-7 pm

Around 4 pm you’ll find the hot tub heats up with activity. There is a large elevated hot tub at Maya and a large ground level hot tub at Pearl. Each is manned by a bartender and cleaning staff. This is a great time to meet couples before dinner and the erotic entertainment which begins at 9 or so.

The hot tub is surrounded by a bar and six beds (all in view of the hot tub) which are either draped or open depending on the level of exhibitionist tendencies of the couple in question. Couples are welcome to play at their comfort level on the beds; you’ll see every level. Provided you don’t want to participate or stare, it’s quite acceptable to watch.

And everyone is understandably curious and wanted to see if the participants are having longer, or more interesting sex than they are. It can get wilder depending on the flavor of groups staying any particular week. We’re always approached by other couples asking if we are lifestylers or want to play or just meet and talk.

Kelly @ Desire Riviera Maya Jacuzzi

Pearl Restaurant

Sahlo Restaurant

Suki Restaurant

Let’s talk about dinner

The service is outstanding and the food is delightful. The dress for dinner is sexy and elegant. Slacks for men and some kind of real shirt. The women are always a little more sexy dressed than men for dinner. There are different types of restaurants for food, all of which are inclusive. You’ll need to make a reservation sometime during the day. Three dinner restaurants (Asian, fine dining, and buffet-style) had enough of quality and variety to keep everyone happy.


Disco Time

Disco themes include Angels & Demons, Famous Movie Couples, Latin Fever, Masquerade night, and Neon night. The disco is upstairs at Maya and on ground level at Pearl. Each disco has a DJ. The disco stays going for as long as people want to dance, but you’ll find the more adventurous couples start peeling off around midnight and heading to the jacuzzi.

Sexy Show

A highlight of every night are the evening shows before the disco gets shaking. Sometimes a rock band, body painting, lingerie fashion show. The best is the erotic show displays which is basically a group of dancers and some sexy dance and performance moves. You’ll find that most guests enjoy the show and this is also a good mingle time.


There is a couples-only playroom off of the dance floor in each resort. Desire Maya has a larger playroom. The playroom is open at the same time as the disco which is around 9:30-10pm. Sometimes there are play chairs and sometimes a swing, depends on the time of year. You’ll find people sneak off to the playroom throughout the night. The rooms come with towels and you’re expected to do your own cleanup.

Yes to all the spa treatments.

Enjoying the spa jacuzzi @ Desire Pearl.

Try to visit the spa

The spa, if you have time, is certainly upscale, and anyone who tried the couple “Desire” massage (which included very sensuous touching, and a guided “happy ending” in a private room) raved about it. Read about our “Five Senses Fantasy” erotic experience at the spa here.


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