What Is SEO And What Does It Matter To You And Your Business?

What Is SEO And What Does It Matter To You And Your Business?

You’ve probably heard that SEO is an important tool in digital marketing, but what is it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex, multifaceted technique intended to make a website more readily accessible on search engines like Google and Bing. With a raised ranking even among related websites, user traffic tends to increase.

It’s the practice of increasing a website’s quality and quantity traffic using search engine results. SEO is a crucial tool for digital marketing. However, having a basic understanding of SEO does not mean that you have a solid grasp of the topic. SEO will make your website visible and that gives your website more traffic. You also get more opportunities to convert more prospects into customers. It’s also an important tool for building relationships, brand awareness, and positioning your business as an authoritative expert.

The website’s increased popularity means more prospective customers will see the services being offered by the company. Beyond the simple goal of selling a product/service, SEO also increases brand awareness and goes a long way in strengthening the service provider’s standing as an authoritative figure in their particular field.

Ranking, visibility & web traffic

Better ranking and visibility means that potential customers for your particular service can find you easily. This means that the higher your ranking on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP), the higher the likelihood of prospects seeing and clicking on your website. One of the reasons your business needs SEO is that web traffic. When you increase traffic your visibility and rankings also increase. Websites on the first page get nearly 33 percent of the clicks. If you want more prospects to get to your site, you need SEO practices to rank highly on the first page and if possible number one.

Keep in mind that the first Google search result has on average a click-through-rate of 28.5%, while the second and third only garner 15% and 11%, respectively. Any company or organization must improve its ranking for better visibility through increased SEO efforts.


This is a fairly new concept in the SEO world. Authority means that your website is of high quality, trustworthy, and relevant. If your site has more authority, it will rank highly on search engines. More prospects will also trust your brand.

Web users want to access trustworthy sites with relevant and high-quality content. Search engines have noted its increased importance to site users and customers. This translates to them ranking authoritative sites higher. Since we’ve seen most prospects click on the first few websites, companies’ content creators ought to provide reliable information to increase their reach.

Better customer experience

SEO isn’t only a ranking game. It is a combination of that aspect, with great content that’s optimized for easier readability. On-page SEO optimization means that your site’s usability will be at an all-time high, creating a seamless customer experience. SEO is also critical because it improves your site’s usability. The result is a positive customer experience. When you make your site responsive, it becomes useful for visitors who use a mobile, desktop, or laptop. You also reduce the bounce rate when your page load speed is fast.

This optimization’s efficacy is seen in your sites’ increased responsiveness when accessed, either using mobile devices or computers. Furthermore, a properly optimized site will have boosted load speeds, which reduces customer bounce rates (the rate at which site users’ bounce’ back into the search engine after viewing one page of your site). The ideal bounce rate is one in the range of 26% – 40%.

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