The Selfie: Its History And Why This Phenomenon Is Here To Stay

The Selfie: Its History And Why This Phenomenon Is Here To Stay

A picture speaks a thousand words, and no picture says more than the selfie. In a world where written content is increasingly scanned and skipped, pictures dominate various platforms.

The power of the selfie lies in its ability to build connections between those in front of the camera and those viewing the pictures. This power contributes to not only the growth but the staying power of this form of personal marketing. The desire to capture one’s image stretches back to the beginning of time. From cave drawings to self-portraits, the fascination with our likeness and the way we share ourselves with others continuously morphs to keep up with and drive technology.

The Rise Of The Selfie

The selfie as we know it finds its origin in social media sites like Myspace and Facebook. These personal profiles not only required a self-image, they promoted continuous updates. In a time where blogs reigned, social media sites thrived on alternative ways to promote ourselves and share our feelings with the world.

While written content describes a writer’s opinion of an event, a photograph captures an event for personal interpretation. The selfie takes photos from events like weddings, conferences, festivals and more a step further by giving viewers an inside look at how the photographer feels about participating in the event. If a photo speaks a thousand words, the selfie speaks a million.

How Selfies Improve Engagement

Humans are hard-wired to read faces and interpret expressions. A smirk, side-eye, or duck lips-these unique expressions tell a greater, more interesting story than the conventional, staged grin. Selfies allow us to express ourselves and our views in their truest form. Where other types of pictures require us to get it right in the first few shots (or risk a frustrated photographer), the selfie-taker excels in the art of perfection, taking multiple shots until they’ve perfectly captured the moment in the exact way they’d like to share it. And those viewing selfies appreciate the care taken to frame and share the occasion. Selfies are the most popular photo genre, and they help create a connection between those taking pictures and those viewing them. There’s hardly a better way to engage people while making a deeply personal connection.

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