Maison Souquet @ Paris, France

Maison Souquet @ Paris, France

A Luxurious Love Nest In The Heart Of Paris

Exterior of Maison Souquet.

Only those in the know will experience the luxury of Maison Souquet, hidden behind an understated facade signaled by two red lanterns. Founded by Sylviane Sanz and Yoni Aidan, the two have complementary passions for art, hospitality, and attention to detail. The hotel is confidential and intimate, reflecting the spirit and soul of Paris. The unique decor favors the sensational over the ostentatious while inviting an experience of an extraordinary home, surrounded by the benevolent presence of a service that combines discretion and discernment. You’ll discover bold colors, lavish furnishings, and eminently good taste and style. The renowned French interior style crafts the most creative of atmospheres of unmatched elegance and blends genres born of intuition and passion. Your stay here will prove to be a real sanctuary and love nest. This is where culture and haute-couture meet, offering an intimate, luxuriant taste of French living.


Lounge & Library


The bar of the Maison Souquet will beckon you to indulge in the pleasures of epicureanism, to savour singular moments in tête-à-tête. Between the Moorish décor of the Mille et Une Nuits lounge and the winter garden, the reading room is the beating heart of the hotel. The atmosphere – with a hidden bar, monumental fireplace, games and rich woodwork – inspires the senses, stirring the soul to sample the finest foodstuffs and precious spirits.

The menu boasts french culinary specialties, along with a wide selection of exclusive cocktails, forgotten aperitifs, superb liqueurs and exceptional wines. From breakfast to dinner, it is a place that culinary connoisseurs wish they could keep entirely for themselves.

Carried away from the city on the whimsy of the decor, the mind is free to pursue pleasure amid a fantasy setting conjured through artwork, sofas, causeuses, and divans. Perfectly at home, guests see their room open out onto a plush setting where life revolves around the ritual of tea-time, play, and rendezvous before and after dinner. Every morning, enjoy the delicious breakfast served by Maison Souquet in the winter garden from 7:00-11:00 a.m.

Rooms At The Maison Souquet:

Deluxe Room

Junior Suite

Two Bedroom Suite

Each room at the Maison Souquet is a unique love nest, a cocoon woven from the threads of the very best textile merchants. Two thousand meters of 120 different silks were carefully selected over a period of months to make these lovers’ hideaways exceptional rooms. In turn Napoleon III, Indian, Chinese, 18th century, or Japanese, they each bear the name of famous courtesans who turned heads and caused hearts to race. With only 20 rooms at the Maison Souquet, you’ll discover Deluxe Rooms, Junior Suites and the Two Bedroom Suite.

Celestial Spa with massage options.

Ask about proposal packages.

Tucked away in a subdued corner of the maison, the Maison Souquet’s spa is the part of the hotel where fantasy reigns most freely. Reserved exclusively for guests who request the key, the secret spa is decorated with a celestial ceiling whose golden stars shimmer across a cobalt blue sky. They sparkle above a 10m swimming pool and bequeath the spa a unique fairy tale magic that diffuses into the adjacent hammam and treatment room. The spa is available for private use upon request.

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