Everything You Need To Know About Instagram’s Parenting Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram’s Parenting Guide

As an event professional that’s also a parent, we know you worry about your children online, and for good reason. The internet can be a scary place, especially for teenagers. Fortunately, Instagram has provided a helpful guide for parents to support their teens online.

Instagram has a minimum age: Instagram users have to be 13 to use the service. However, they don’t check for a user’s age when they sign up. If you know your child is under 13 and on Instagram, you can contact Instagram to have their account deleted.

Manage their privacy and location-sharing: One of the scariest parts of the internet is the ability to make your location public. Talk to your child about setting the privacy of their profile. Profiles can be public or private, but make sure that if your child is sharing their location, they are only doing so with people they trust. Remember also that even if your child’s profile is set to private, they could still be tagged in a public post, so make sure to discuss this with them.

Check their bio page: Even if your child’s photos are private, their main profile is still public. This means anyone can see their profile pictures and their bio. Read their bio to make sure they’re not posting any personal information that would allow someone to discover their location.

Watch for provocative images: Kids want to have fun online, and Instagram is a place where they can get creative. Still, make sure you check in to make sure they’re not posting images that are too provocative. These can get your child attention from people they don’t know, and that comes with a risk of harassment or stalking.

Read their comments: A lot of bullying happens in the comments of photos. Make sure your child isn’t bullying others or being bullied in their photo comments. If possible, you can also look at their friends’ pages to see if any bullying is taking place there.

The full parenting guide is available here. For more information on how EventCurious helps special event and hospitality companies with social media management, contact us.

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