Nuru Massage: A How-To Guide Of The Erotic Japanese Technique

Nuru Massage: How-To Guide Of Erotic Japanese Technique

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The secret art of Nuru massage is something that piques a huge amount of interest. It awakens our imagination into sex and the relaxing art of massage. The idea of combining the two appeals to most. The Japanese word Nuru means something like slippery, smooth, glaze or glossy, among other synonymous denotations. Japanese Nuru Massage is considered a sensual erotic naked body-to-body massage where both parties are covered with an odorless, colorless and tasteless massage lotion or gel called Nuru gel. In particular, the masseuse uses their naked body to slip and slide the client into a world of bliss and ultimately a very happy ending. It is a  popular erotic massage treatment that can be increasingly found virtually everywhere around the globe.

When receiving a professional erotic Nuru massage, you’ll begin with a nice shower. Then the erotic masseuse spreads the heated Nuru gel over your body. You immediately feel the delicious sensation; the smoothness and softness of Nuru has an aphrodisiac effect. The erotic masseuse will rub his/her entire body with Nuru in an erotic way, after which their hands and body will be used for the Nuru massage. The Nuru makes the physical contact extra intimate and exciting. The erotic masseuse pays special attention to your erogenous zones during the Nuru massage. When the erotic tension shimmers through the room, the erotic masseuse with Body Intensive techniques will complete the Nuru massage and bring you to an intensive climax. If you find your way to Antwerp, we highly recommend our friends at Massagewereld for some of the best and memorable treatments you’re receive anywhere.

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Warning: A Nuru Massage Will In All Likelyhood Lead To Sex

You can buy an at-home Nuru massage kits, the seaweed powder and even ritual bowls but we prefer to just go right for the premix (unless you’re going to use when traveling). You can sometimes get a similar effect with just run of the mill coconut oil, but for the experience of the treat that is Nuru, we suggest you invest in the good stuff at least once. Buy either a cheap sheet that you use exclusively for massage or invest in a waterproof sheet. If you are going to use a ton of oil, put down a mattress protector first (which is a good idea to keep on anyway). The art of Nuru massage comes down to your ability to glide your whole body along your lover’s skin. This sensation of full body-to-body contact is the heart of Nuru. Try long glides up and down their body, circular motions, and wave-like undulations. Just have fun! Don’t take this seriously.

Nuru Massage Will Lead To Sex

Lesbian Nuru Massage For Some Ideas

Why Is This A Thing In Japan? Can't I just Buy Some Sex?

Why is this popular in Japan? In Japan, prostitution is illegal but the definition of prostitution is limited to coitus/vaginal intercourse for money. In practice this means services such as oral sex, anal sex, and all other non-coital sexual acts are legal, including Nuru. In any case, there are a number of loopholes in and liberal interpretations of the Japanese Prostitution Prevention Law of 1957 and combined with a rather loose enforcement, the prostitution, erotic and sexual services industry in Japan prospers. As such, this technique has become popular all over the world for the same reasons, which is why you can easily find a rub-and-tug in your area with ease, the same types of laws are in effect locally. Nuru is performed by trained masseuses, but you’ll find just as many “professional amateurs.” Be skeptical about these professional offerings and do your research before you go ahead and book a Nuru massage in your area.

Nuru Massage Is A Must-Try Activity.

Perhaps most intriguingly, though, Nuru massages offer a variety of health benefits. One London-based Nuru massage agency reported that 83 percent of those who tried a Nuru massage experienced a significant boost in their well-being afterward. Nuru massages are also helpful for relaxing muscles and moisturizing skin (since Nuru gel is one of the most moisturizing gels on the market). Depending on what body techniques your masseuse uses (and how experienced he or she is at massage), Nuru massages can even help release toxins from the body.

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