Understanding Mobile Responsive Design and Why It Matters

Understanding Mobile Responsive Design and Why It Matters

A mobile responsive design is a method of creating a website that automatically scales its contents and elements to fit the computer’s screen size being used to display it. Readable text without the need to zoom, sufficient room for tap targets, and no horizontal scrolling are all characteristics of a mobile-responsive interface.

Did you know that 81% of Americans own smartphones? Most consumers, therefore, use their mobile phones to access the internet. Having a business website that is usable and accessible on mobile devices becomes paramount to your online brand success. The first step is ensuring your website features a mobile responsive design. Bad user experiences usually lead to loss of clients and decreased conversions. Today, we take a comprehensive look at mobile responsive design and why it matters.

Mobile Responsive Design — What is It?

A mobile responsive design refers to a website that can adapt its content and layout based on the screen size. Although a few elements may have to appear differently, every bit of information should be there. Your visitors shouldn’t have to expand or pinch their screens to make everything legible.

Responsive design guarantees that your users get the best display, regardless of their screen size. It is a straightforward practice that presents your content in the appropriate medium and manner that suits your audience.

Why Mobile Responsive Design Matters

Although having a responsive website needs to be a top priority, 91% of small businesses do not have a mobile-optimized website. Sites that are not well optimized to accommodate many devices will most likely experience unnecessary resizing, scrolling problems, zooming difficulty, and have to pan to see a site properly. All of this will lead to difficulty navigating, which may cost you potential clients who become frustrated when figuring out how to do something on your site.

Improve User Experience

Every business should strive to provide user-oriented services to its clients. Through mobile responsive design, you can guarantee excellent picture quality and a professional outlook at all times. Doing this will enhance the user experience, thus promoting your brand.

Increases Sales

Did you know that a responsive website will increase conversion rates? Consumers are attracted to brands that offer consistency and optimized performance. You will quickly build brand loyalty and trust, thus increasing your sales.

Improve Ranking

Every successful company understands that a responsive design helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A few years ago, Google redefined its search engine algorithms to prioritize mobile-ready websites. Working on a mobile responsive design will, therefore, help your content rank highly in search engines.


Mobile responsive design can help you cut down on costs significantly. For starters, you won’t need to invest in separate websites for different devices. Your consumers will always get all the information they need without compromising on quality.

Responsive designs, if well utilized, helps in;

• Making your site more user-friendly hence creating enhanced user experience
• Enhancing the appearance on various platforms with large and small screens
• Extending the time people spend on your website
• Improving rankings in search engines
• Ease of content management, especially to the small businesses
• The flexibility of making changes to your site easily and quickly
• Analytics, tracking, and reporting is in one place

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