What Is Edging & Orgasm Control: The Benefits, Techniques & More

What Is Edging & Orgasm Control:
The Benefits, Techniques & More

Edging is a sexual term used to describe bringing a partner close to orgasm. The practice provides you the ability to explore your sexual pleasure and finish when it’s right for you. An orgasm is just one part of how your body gets pleasure; the moments before it can be just as pleasurable, and edging is a way to extend how long that delicious buildup lasts. Understanding what edging is and how to do it for yourself opens up a whole other part of your sexual experience. Invest in a good table or chair, some lube, a restraint or two and get busy making it last a long time.

What is edging, and what's the point?

Edging is an orgasm control technique where a person is about to orgasm, then stimulation stops, waits, and then starts the buildup all over again. Repeat. The point of edging is to make sex last longer, extend the feeling of an orgasm, and make the orgasm feel more intense. Practiced mostly through self or imposed masturbation, edging gives you and your partner a greater understanding of the body and pleasure thresholds. This technique provides an increased control over your pleasure, helping determine when and how it happens. It also provides a level of focus. “Edging is a good time to practice keeping the mind completely fixed on the now. Not only will this concentration and focus help make edging easier, but it will allow a person to fully enjoy the pleasurable feelings,” clinical sexologist Sunny Rodgers, ACS, has said.

It Helps and Intensifies Your Orgasm

Edging is for men and women. Sometimes called peaking or surfing. For many women, trying to have an orgasm can produce a lot of anxiety-inducing pressure. Some studies suggest that women who masturbate reach orgasm more often. Edging provides the opportunity for your partner to get to know your body and what really sets it off when it comes to pleasure. Use words or signals at first to back your partner off of the pleasure zones and with practice this will be less needed. Edging and orgasm control often leads to more powerful orgasms and extended sexual pleasure. You should use your hands, your mouth, toys and even restraints to find those zones of pleasure and fully explore them. The trick is the wave effect, or the close to orgasm then backing off technique.

Cunnilingus and fellatio should always contain edging. See a video sample at Mr. Pussy Licking.

Sometimes Denial Is On The Edge

Chastity devices are used to isolate the pussy from types of touch; similarly cock cages prevent a penis from getting full erections or using your penis for sex. While locked up, you can’t masturbate or orgasm, and the cage can only be removed by your designated “keyholder.” While the thought of this can make some cringe, it makes others whimper with excitement. Some people say orgasm denial increases your sex drive and improves your focus. It also obviously heightens the stakes of a dom/sub dynamic, with a denial and reward system or controlling their ability to orgasm. Check out our Prostate Play article which is also a good way to keep your partner on the prolonged edge.

Yoni & Lingham Massage For Edging

This type of massage is often called “Tantric Massage.” Lingam and Yoni (ancient hindu-derived words meaning penis and vulva) massage draws on the principles of tantra, an ancient spiritual practice originating in Central and Southeast Asia. In most modern-day practice in the West, tantric massage involves massaging and stimulating the full body with particular focus on sensitive areas like the penis and vulva. It’s sometimes referred to as simply an erotic massage, although a tantra massage also incorporates breath-work, meditation, and mindfulness elements. Tantric massage also has a spiritual and energetic component, wherein the practitioner or giver helps move the receiver’s energy throughout the body to promote inner healing. Our friends over at Room 77 offer an online workshopThe Art Of Touch,” that will certainly awaken you to the possibilities.

Restricted Edging: Total Control Denial & Pleasure

Perhaps the last bastion of denial and control lies in the BDSM realm even if light bondage is on the menu. While it isn’t for everyone, the extreme version of edging could be said to be some form of BDSM wherein you control your partner’s pleasure completely. This can be done as tamely or as extreme as your imagination but the goal is still that roller-coaster of ups and downs within an orgasmic feeling. Try handcuffs or restraints, look into some Shibari or even a swing. Look into some good vibrators and get to work. See a complete list our recommended sex toys here.

Get Retrained And Ride The Wave

Tie Her Up And Break Out The Vibrator

Some Edging And Denial Play Inspiration:

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