What is an SSL and how Much Should it Cost?

What is an SSL and how Much Should it Cost?

SSL is one of several security protocols designed to protect websites from cyber-attacks. Here is a brief overview of what it is, how it works, and how much it would cost you. SSL is an acronym for Secure Socket Layer. It is a cybersecurity solution that enables websites to send and receive data via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) encryption. It is considered one of the most secure cybersecurity solutions for websites. An SSL’s main function is to protect your website against cyber-attacks, as explained. This function gives rise to other functions that also double up as benefits. They include:

Assuring Visitors

Unsecure websites can infect users’ computers with malicious software. To this end, many users make a point of checking with the website has a security certificate, such as an SSL certificate. Google and other search engines also notify users when websites are not secure. Securing your website using SSL assures visitors that it is safe, ensuring a steady flow of traffic.

Ranking Better

Google notifies users when your website is not secure. It also considers security an important factor in ranking websites on its SERPs. SSL is one of the most reliable cybersecurity measures, as mentioned. Consequently, an SSL certificate next to your domain name will help your website rank better, giving you a better competitive edge.

SSL Average Costs

SSL prices vary depending on the type of SSL certificate (and other factors, such as the service provider). There are three types of SSL certificates:

Domain-Validated (DV) Certificate

DV certificates are the most basic form of SSL security. However, they also offer the lowest level of security. Consequently, they are recommended for websites that don’t require users to provide their personal data. The DV certificate goes for about $7-$25 per year. We generally don’t deal with these unless no other option.

Organization-Validated (OV) Certificate

OV certificates require organizations to prove their identity. They are more secure than DV certificates but are still recommended for websites that don’t require sensitive data from their users such as client information or payment information. The OV certificate goes for about $25-$50 per year.

Extended-Validated (EV) Certificate

This is the most secure SSL certificate and what we most often recommend to our clients. It requires the user to prove their personal and organizational identity and ownership of a website. It goes for about $75-$125 per year depending upon the provider.

SSL is one of the best cybersecurity solutions for websites. The three different types of SSL certificates have varying prices, but they are all affordable considering their benefits and uses.

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