The Ultimate Guide To Sex Chairs – It’s Time To Level Up Your Sex Life

The Ultimate Guide To Sex Chairs - Sex Life Level Up

Adela Chair by Balastudio

Octopus Claw Sex Chair

An elegant looking piece of furniture is the erotic chair by Balastudio called Adela, this is a renewed and improved version of El Montao chair. As usual this piece is produced in a limited edition quantities each with its serial number plate, and a certificate of authenticity. Another exotic option is the Eight Claw Chair, sometimes called the Octopus Chair. The chair is multi-adjustable and sort of self explanatory on how to use it. The cool thing about this device is the attached stool portion. This is by far the best chair for his or her oral sex.

Weightless Sex Chair Stool

The LoveBotz Bangin Bench is an extreme sex stool that will give you the ride of your life. Its simple yet innovative design makes it exceptionally easy to use as you only need to bounce up and down. It allows you to control the length and rhythm of the strokes as well which makes it an ideal self-pleasuring ornament. This Queening stool (or Kinging stool for the gentlemen) gives you a pleasant seat where you can casually read, fiddle with your phone, carry on a conversation, etc… all while you are treated to oral sex from your sub or slave! Sometimes referred to as a smother box, this one is so comfortable you may never want to get up! Weightless Sex Chair Stool has a handy hand brace, which is nice. The cushion can be used with your dildo or vibrator or remove it and let your partner climb underneath. You can also find these in an adjustable version.

CBT Chair

Bondage BDSM Chair

As a traditional CBT chair (which stands for “cock and ball torture”) the lucky individual can be restrained wrists and ankles to the chair, while a beautiful slide and clamp insure the stuff of choice does not retreat. A flick of the lever, and the lucky individual is in. The seat cushion can also be removed to allow access to the nether regions. If you are going to mess with some of it, you might as well have access to all the goods! The are many variations of BDSM Bondage Chairs, but most have the theme of leg spreading and hooks/eyelets for restraint. They come in all colors and sizes.

Sex or Spanking Bench

BDSM Horse or Spanking Bench

These are not technically chairs, but they deserve inclusion here. The Obedience Extreme Sex Bench with Restraint Straps has a couple of variations, one of which is more of a spanking bench. Another that comes with a dildo stand. The spanking bench is basically the same bench without the head rest, sometimes you’ll see a Strudy Spanking/Sex Bench which looks more like a saw horse. The Spanking Bench that requires floor on fours has restraints and comfortable cushioning, again this bench has many variations.

The Archer Bow Chair

The Tantra Chair

These last chairs are our favorites and can actually be functional in your home as good design. The Archer BowChair is a wonderful handcrafted bouncing sex chair and so unique; it is the most expensive on our list but given that it is so pretty and so much fun – we know you deserve one. The BowChair was originally designed to provide relief to women suffering from problems associated with female sexual dysfunction and pelvic floor disorders during sexual intercourse, the rebounding carbon fiber leaf springs and elastic frame components, coupled with a shape that caresses the human form, is enjoyable and exhilarating for all. The Tantra Chair also called the Kama Sutra Chair or Esse Chaise is made of soft, supple, synthesized leather and designed to vastly enhance your lovemaking experience. Their website will show you plenty of combinations and positions. We’ve fooled around plenty with one of these and trust us, the chair is a very intuitive experience.

A growing number of our fans have discovered the “1970’s Sex Throne” or “Love Chair,” as it has come to be called. You can still find these chairs at places like the Executive Fantasy Hotels in Miami or other sex motels around the United States. There’s a great little article on Taboo Tess’s website trying to discover the history on the chair. Sadly this original chair is no longer being made (or at least we can’t find it).

There are some comparable options. The closest chair is the “Spider Chair” though it is missing the built in seat, which can easily be overcome. The other is the “Octopus Chair” mentioned above.

1970’s Love Chair

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