So You Wanna Have Sex In The Hostel

So You Wanna Have Sex In The Hostel

Stone Hotel & Hostel – Utrecht, Netherlands

First a word about hostels in general. Traditionally, a hostel accommodates backpackers, budget travelers, and some traveler-couples. Some hostels only take solo travelers, while some hostels today offer private rooms and even take families. So there are all types. Hostels are a great way to meet like minded travelers like yourself. They also create a unique space for a fun fling, or two. After all, traveling should be filled with new experiences. Let’s also remember that sex is a part of the daily travel life and lifestyle. Since your private room won’t really be a problem, other than the paper-thin walls, we’ll focus on solo or common spaces.

Seaside Hawaiian Hostel – Honolulu, Hawaii

Sex In The Common Spaces

Some hostels will have tight quarters for their common areas, others might just be a kitchen while still others might be very large. The common areas will always be coming and going and busy. You might also encounter security cameras in these areas, which won’t end well for you. There might be a closet? No one will bother you there. Most common areas are not inviting for intimacy. However, at the right time and if the mood is right and with the right amount of discretion, it is possible. The best and most rewarding? No.

The Bathroom Is A Good Option

Besides getting your own room, the bathroom could be a solid option. Most hostels will have shared bathroom facilities in a dorm-like environment. This option is really only valid for a short time. The shower is your go-to here, perhaps with little worry of interuption (at the right time). Not really comfortable, and not really time for romance, as you can imagine. Anyways, it’s a solid option to consider.

YMCA – New York, New York

Equity Point Hostel – Marrakesh, Morocco

Time To Head To The Rooftop

Most of the hostels we visited have a rooftop terrace or a way of getting to the rooftop. Many are unlocked. This is a great option. No one is going to bother you or they will at least leave you alone. Grab a blanket and get busy under the stars all night long. You’ll create a wonderful romantic memory whether with a partner or a one time encounter.

Top Bunk – This Just Doesn't Seem Right

Assuming there is someone on the bottom bunk, know that there is no easy way to do this. And it is rude. You’ll shake the bed, there will be creaking, everyone will hate you. So our take on this is NO. One exception – if all your other bunkmates are gone for a period of time and you have the place all to yourself, then a quickie is allowed.

Lustig Hostel – Sapa, Vietnam

Amsterdam Hostel – San Francisco, California

Sex In The Kitchen

This might seem like a good idea at the time. People eat there. Hostel kitchens are not the cleanest of places. Let’s face it – there are people in a kitchen 24 hours a day so there’s little chance you’ll have any privacy. Our vote is no on this one, though we can see where you’ll be tempted after that 5th tequila and pint of ice cream.

Pretending You're Invisible

Sometimes you’ll see sheets hanging over the bottom bunk. Either someone is sleeping during the day and blocking the light or there is a couple thinking no one can decipher what is going on. Some hostels will even have curtains for privacy. You’re not invisible and no one is that quiet. Do this at your own risk of embarrassment of pulling back the covering to a crowd of onlookers.

SoHostel – London, United Kingdom

Hostel Fish – Denver, Colorado

Evening, Night or Morning

Morning is not your best time since people are rising at all hours after sunrise and getting ready for the day. Evening may prove the same issues, there’s always someone getting ready for something. Middle of the night is the best. Someone might likely hear you. They may even watch which might be okay. Regardless, this is the best time as dormmates put in earplugs and fall into drunk sleep for the night.

Do Not Watch The Movie "The Hostel"

Do not watch the Hostel movie. It will not help you have sex in a hostel or travel and stay in one. This is akin to watching Halloween an then going trick-or-treating or watching Friday the 13th and then staying at an overnight camp. Not a good idea and it won’t turn you on or make you more sexy. No help at all.

“Hostel” – The Movie

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