Romantic Danube – Regensburg to Budapest

Romantic Danube - Regensburg to Budapest

Visit Budapest’s Castle District and cross the famous Chain Bridge. Explore Göttweig Abbey, one of Austria’s most revered monastic centers, and make dumplings with Wachau Valley apricots. Visit historic Salzburg. Spend two days in Vienna, and celebrate the city’s musical heritage at a concert featuring works by Mozart and Strauss. With medieval towns, grand cities and stunning scenery, this 8-day journey on the “Blue Danube” is one you are sure to love.

So while this might not be a typical sexy couples’ trip, it can still be sexy. We figure if we can get one or two couples to join us that we can have a great time on the boat while it is sailing and maybe during the day we can go on some sexy adventures. For instance, in Budapest there are the Gellért Baths, a thermal bathing center that we’d like to try out.

We don’t get a kick back from Viking. We’re just trying to organize friends going.

Vienna is sexy enough on its own, but with a couple or two in tow we could really have a ball. See this article to see what we mean.

Romantic Danube Cruise Map

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