I’ve created this program out of my desire to work with women who are ready to kick a poor mindset to the curb, and WORK to achieve some big health, nutrition and mindset goals. For this program I will be working alongside you. From beginning to end, I’m here to help you do the small things over 6 weeks that lead to big changes. While I cannot do the work for you, I am here to guide and support you the entire time. This group is more than just a fitness “program” – it’s a 6-week partnership between us to get you to the next level!

#MBF and #MBFA are two back-to-back, 3-week programs designed to get you lean, strong and healthy…in only 6 weeks! Each workout is an effective 25-40 minute strength training and cardio workouts – led by Super Trainer Megan Davies. Making this program unique, each workout is set to a music beat, so you will ‘feel’ when you need to pick up the intensity and push your pace to burn maximum calories.


Estimated weekly time investment: 5 hours

PREP WEEK (August 3):
#MBF Fitness Program (7-day)
1:1 Deep Dive Connect and Goal Setting

WEEK 1 (August 10):
#MBF Fitness Program (7-day)
Nutrition Reset

WEEK 2 (August 17):
#MBF Fitness Program (7-day)
Meal Planning and Prep
Mindset Book Chat (Chapter 1-2)

WEEK 3 (August 24):
#MBFA Fitness Program (7-day)
Targeting Poor Nutrition Triggers
Mindset Book Chat (Chapter 3-4)

WEEK 4 (August 31):
#MBFA Fitness Program (7-day)
Identifying Healthy Snacks & Substitutes
Mindset Book Chat (Chapter 5-6)

WEEK 5 (September 7):
#MBFA Fitness Program (7-day)
Goals Check In
Mindset Book Chat (Chapter 7)

WEEK 6 (September 14):
#MBFA Fitness Program (7-day)
Goals PUSH Week

Here’s What You Get:

1-Year of Online Gym Membership
Early VIP Access to #MBF and #MBFA Programs
A BOD Rope
Daily Fitness & Nutrition Coaching and Accountability

Recipes, Meal Plans and Grocery Lists
1-Month Of My Superfood Smoothies OR Pre/Post Workout Drinks
Nutrition Guides for TWO Healthy Eating Programs: 2B Mindset and The Ultimate Portion Fix
Nutrition Tracker
Portion Control Containers

Book Discussion – Required Personal Development Reading
Weekly 1:1 Check In with Kelly (30 Minutes)
A Support Group Cheering You On To Succeed

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