Our Favorite Sex Toys and Where You Can Find Them Online

Our Favorite Sex Toys and Where You Can Get Them

Among those who like sex with accessories, vibrators tend to get a lot of love. Of course there are plenty of sex toys and accessories that are not powered. We’ve tried to compile the best list of our go to sex toys and other items, whether that be mood altering items or the powered toys themselves. While you’re hear don’t forget to check out our favorite sexy trips for couples.


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This is our go-to oil and lube. Not sticky at all and lasts a long time. We put it in smaller bottles for travel and handiness.

This lube is more silky. We like the cum feel and visual of this lube, not as oil like.

This is the best cum feeling lube we’ve been able to find. Not sticky and lasts long.

More slick as it warms up, this one has some desensitizing essence added in.

These 2 oz. screw top squeeze bottles are perfect for thin or thick lube and just the right handy size.

We’re fans of these lube shooters. For inside you or outside, a fun tool for sexy lube time.

These little, plastic bottles are perfect for travel or use in a club. Less than 3 oz and squeezable.

These 2 oz spray bottles are perfect for thinner lubes like the coconut oil. Great for controlling the right amount.


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These cuff are perfect to travel with and soft enough for vigorous play.

These spreader bars expand between 18-26 inches in length with 2 extra circular rings.

Soft cotton rope for some bondage or even more serious Shibari play. Easy to work with.

If you get the rope, you’ll need to learn how to use it. This is a good first step.

If you haven’t, try the sex swing. Pro tip: attach to a doorway pull-up bar and you won’t need to hide the support system.


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Very expensive, but if cock rings are your thing then you’ll thank us for showing you this one.

We’re a fan of these rings since they come in a kit of various sizes. They are stretchy and comfortable while being firm enough to desired effect.

Everyone should have at least one serious metal cock ring. This one is 10mm thick in various sizes.

A cock ring with perineum pressure nodule. Not a lot of flex here, but will drive you crazy. Made in the Netherlands.

This is a serious ring with some serious grip. Adjustable to an extent, it is really going to hold you in place.

Pegging & Insertables

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The best dildo we’ve found for the Rodeoh is this 7″ which really hits the P-spot just right.

For the most comfortable pegging try these briefs. The same company has an array of dildos.

If you can’t get away from the idea of a leather harness, you’ll find this one does the job nicely and you can still use the Rodeoh dildo.

This Romi G & P spot massager is 1.5 lbs of hardcore fun. The chrome will slide and massage in just the right curve.

Everyone should have a pyrex glass dildo in their collection. We like the ones that offer the best grip.


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hi® is more than a personal massager. Their goal is to empower you with techniques and tools that will profoundly improve your quality of life.

For him or her with the right attachment. This will get things revved up.

Wand attachments to please and tease him.

For her: wand attachments in various configurations.

For less than the Sybian, try the Motorbunny. Great for her or him, this is a fun toy to play with.

LOKI is LELO’s ultra-powerful luxury vibrating massager designed for men seeking a more adventurous orgasm through prostate play.

The Tenuto is a type of vibrating cock ring, but also more than that. Also can be remoted.

Fun remote control vibration for her. A fun toy that will be enjoyable for both of you.

A solid prostate massager with phone app remote. Small enough base for your ass to clamp it in place for a great ride.

Try this Estim Kit for when you’re ready to take it up a notch with electro-play.


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Good sex needs a good mood. These strip lights are easy to use. Stick to your headboard or under your bed for just the right mood lighting.

The most portable of light shows. This plugs into your phone and give a show with your chosen music.

Sometimes just putting out the right candle will put everything in the right mood.

Flameless, flickering candles. Battery operated, with a remote control.

For those times in front of the fire or on the floor, this faux fur rug. Perfect plushy and soft.

You’ll have a lot of fun with this Esse Kama Sutra chaise chair. Play for hours and never reach the endless position possibilities.

We love this wedge/ramp combo. Order the kit and use what you like. Explore the many comfortable positions.

Our favorite blanket for sex is the Liberator Sex Blanket. Comes in various colors. Very soft and plush with easy cleaning.

Pillow is great either with vibrator or without (not included). Terrific ramp up for the main event, or during the main event.


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Quickshot is a great solo or partner toy. Working as a couple, we prefer this toy over the larger Fleshlight for both size and ease of use.

Blowjob stroker. Smaller than the Quickshot, we use this to enhance a blowjob to really get that deepthroat sensation without the gagging.

When eating pussy is going so well, this toy is only going to add to the orgasm. This dildo harness offers great control and hits all the right spots.

A nice little addition for either partner. This set of three offers all the sizes that will be a perfect fit.

We don’t think this is a bondage item as much as a manual aid for keeping those legs open, comfortably. This is best quality item we’ve discovered of this device.

Potions & Lotions & Mixtures

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Use Promescent Spray for when you want to last longer in bed. Easy to use.

Female arousal gel creates a tingling and warming sensation that’s perfect to get play started.

When you need a little help with that deep throat session, this numbing spray will help you take it a little deeper.

For when you need to really turn on the women or your partner. They won’t suspect a thing.

Spray a little of this on and wait for the men to swarm. This one if for the ladies.

Semenax is said to increase your ejaculation volume, so make it rain!

The original vegan cleanliness fiber supplement to help prepare you for when the mood strikes.

Rush is what we all know as poppers. Grab a bottle and go easy – start playing.

Quim Intimate Serum is a hemp CBD-infused, serum to increase blood flow, promote relaxation, and decrease inflammation and pain.

What To Wear

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The best way to announce your intentions for the day. Your partner will love this playful shirt.

If You Can Read This, You Must Want To Fuck – t-shirt that is both subtle and forward.

For when you need something to make a hint that the time is now.

This will become your favorite shirt for watching your favorite porn channel.

Shirt comes in various colors and for men or women. Fun way to get some sexy attention.

You till inevitably need a TOGA costume. This is our sexy version choice.

Malibu Strings has some of the best bikinis out there, at least for those times you have to wear one.

Check out the sexy collection of bikinis from SoHot swimwear. This sheer bikini is one of our favorites.

Match your wild and free personality with this equally freeing Hippie Love-Child Thong Bikini set, offered at this G String Bikini Shop.

We love this sexy chainmail dress. It is shiny, sparkles and made of metal. Win, win.

Dean’s List Diva costume featuring a uniform inspired dress with a mock button front white shirt. Perfect for your school girl night.

Are you a bad girl gone preppy? Feel the school girl vibe in this sassy plaid skirt featuring a low cut waistband with repeating “No Fucks Given” embroidery.

XXXtra Credit Pink Naughty School Girl Outfit with flirty mini dress, attached garter straps, plaid neck tie, plaid g-string panty, and wet look shiny black material.

To go with your leather jock, get the matching harness. For some extra added kink add the cock straps that match.

The Army of Men leather jock is a great dress up item. Well made and feels terrific. Pouch opens for easy access.

For some of the best stripper shoes click the shoe above.

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