Drive In Movie Theaters Going Strong In The South

Drive In Movie Theaters Going Strong In The South

During the peak of the drive-in movie craze, the world saw more than 5,500 theaters – most of those in the U.S. Today, there are less than 350 worldwide. And what a shame, as they offer families such a fun, affordable option for adventure.

Luckily, there are still drive-ins to be found. Pack up the car, go back in time a little and head out for a double feature this weekend! Also see our article about Roof-Top Cinemas.

Starlight Drive-In (photo by @kaylabreal_estate)

Georgia Drive-In Theaters

We have been to all the drive-in movie theaters in Georgia. There use to be many more and even now there are some pop-ups that come and go that are worth a visit if you have the chance.

Starlight Drive-In @ Atlanta, Georgia
Swan Drive In @ Blue Ridge, Georgia
Tiger Drive In Theatre @ Tiger, Georgia
Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater @ Trenton, Georgia
Jesup Drive-In Theatre @ Wayne County, Georgia

Ruskin Family Drive-In (photo by @thebanditrun)

Florida Drive-In Theaters

Aside from having some of the oldest drive-in movie theaters in the country, Florida can boast the a 14 screen drive-in that also hosts the largest swap meet in the world with the Thunderbird Drive-In just outside of Fort Lauderdale.

Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre @ Lakeland, Florida
Ruskin Family Drive-In Theatre @ Ruskin, Florida
Ocala Drive-In @ Marion County, Florida
Thunderbird Drive-In Theater @ Lauderhill, Florida

Henagar Drive-In Theater

Alabama Drive-In Theaters

Some of the drive-in theaters in Alabama are seasonal, you’ll find this with the more rural of theaters. Make sure you check their websites or give them a call if there is a doubt about your visit.

411 Twin Drive In @ Centre, Alabama
Sand Mountain Twin Drive-In @ Boaz, Alabama
Blue Moon Drive In Theater @ Guin, Alabama
Grand River Drive-In @ Leeds, Alabama
Henagar Drive-In Theatre @ Henagar, Alabama

Highway 21 Drive-In Theater

South Carolina Drive-In Theaters

Much like Alabama and some of the other rural theaters on our list, South Carolina tends to be seasonal. Some of the theaters in this state have seen better times and many have scaled their showings way down.

25 Drive In Auto Theatre @ Greenwood, South Carolina
Highway 21 Drive-In @ Beaufort, South Carolina
Monetta Drive In Theatre @ Aiken, South Carolina
Moonlite Drive In Theaters @ Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Sparta Drive-In Theater

Tennessee Drive-In Theaters

It is amazing how many old school theaters are left in the Volunteer State. There are many more than on our list. Tennessee has discovered that these outdoor spaces can double for live venues and have taken advantage of that.

Stardust Drive In Theatre @ Watertown, Tennessee
Parkway Drive-In Theatre @ Maryville, Tennessee
Swingin’ Midway Drive In @ Athens, Tennessee
Birdsong Drive-In Theater @ Camden, Tennessee
Hi-way 50 Drive in @ Lewisburg, Tennessee
Sparta Drive-In @ Sparta, Tennessee

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