Desire Riviera Maya or Desire Pearl – A Side By Side Comparison

Desire Riviera Maya or Desire Pearl

We have heard these questions many times; which resort is better, which one should we go to first, which is wilder, which is bigger, which is smaller, which one has the better rooms, which has the better beach, is one better to meet people than the other, which resort is better for sex, and so on and so on…

Desire Riviera Maya Vs. Desire Pearl - A Side-By-Side Comparison

This is our effort to honestly compare the two and help find the right one for you. The one thing that is the same at both resorts is: nudity is allowed everywhere but the restaurants. The other truism: you’ll have a great time no matter which resort you choose. If you’d like to read our general resort write up about the Desire Properties and learn about booking and discounts, you’ll find that here.

Riviera Maya

Not the most recent aerial photo, but enough to get the idea. You’ll notice the size of the pool is smaller compared with Pearl. Notice the pool and rooftop jacuzzi are to the left, making that side of the resort a little busier. RM has a rooftop jacuzzi which does mean a stair climb to the 3rd floor. Note that only beachfront rooms have the ocean view, everything else is garden view. RM has about 120 rooms. We’re not going to get into room selection here, but know that at RM there are no private balconies and not all rooms have an ocean view.


Not the most recent aerial photo, but enough to get the idea. The pool is much bigger at Pearl, though to the right and away from the bar it is considered the quiet side. The buildings are taller by a couple of floors than RM. Due to the placement of buildings, all rooms face the ocean and have a private balcony. Pearl has about 90 rooms. No room comparison here, but know that Pearl now has the Mansion that has separate amenities, all rooms face the ocean and have private balconies perfect for sex.

Pool: The RM pool is much smaller and due to this, a bit louder since all the pool activities take place in a central area. If you’re in the pool you cannot escape the games and activity. Due to the compact nature, having sex in this pool area means you will be seen and may have to stay covert.

Pool: The Pearl pool has two areas, the place where games and such happen and then a quieter side. You can escape and have quiet time in the pool. Both pools have swim up bars. Since it is big and spread out, having sex in this pool area is much easier and less obvious.

Beach Beds: The beds line the beach and usually have two loungers in front of each bed. Perfect place for mid-day hangouts and afternoon sex. The beds back up to a wall so no one can walk behind you, it is just you and the ocean. Butlers bring drinks. Close enough to other couples and just far away enough for privacy if you want it.

Beach Beds: There may not be as many beach beds as RM, but plenty as the pool is bigger. People can walk around the back of your bed, so don’t be startled. Butlers will run drinks to you. Plan on having some awesome sex on these beds during the day and watching the waves.

Pool and Beach Bars: At RM there is a separate pool and beach bar. The beach bar is called CiCi’s and has recently been remodeled and is under a tiki roof with seating. The pool bar at one end of the pool is swim up as well as walk up and is covered by a tiki thatch style roof with the entrance to a restaurant right behind it.

Beach & Pool Bar: The Pearl pool bar is also the beach bar from the other side. The roof basically covers the bartenders. So you’ll find most that order from this bar are doing so from in the pool. Both pools have swim up bars. Next to the Pearl Pool Bar is also a jacuzzi, which RM does not have. This jacuzzi is an excellent alternative to the large jacuzzi for late night sex.

Courtyard Bar: This bar is closest to the disco and lobby. It is outside but has a covered thatch roof. This is a gathering spot before the disco opens and where you’ll watch the sexy entertainment each night. Late night this is where you come for pizza.

Lobby Bar: This is the bar closest to the disco and where sexy entertainment happens. It is fully inside the lobby area with the disco just steps away through the door to the right. Just outside, in a covered area is where pizza is made late night.

Disco: The RM disco is the bigger of the two spaces, but both have stripper poll, bar, seating and the playroom. RM has more seating around the room which facilitates more playtime in the dark spaces. At RM you can walk all the way around the bar since the DJ booth is off to the side. The back bar area is a good place for a quickie, standing up at the bar.

Disco: The bar at Pearl is horseshoe shaped and you can’t walk around the bar completely as the DJ booth is behind the bar. The playroom is off to the side next to the bar, so you can stand at the bar and peek inside. Because the disco is smaller, the stripper pole is closer to the dancing and more people play on the pole.

RM Playroom: This playroom has an actual door. Once inside is a large padded wall with hooks. Then a long giant bed area that can be separated with sheer curtains or you can push those open. The bed area extends the length of the room and corners off. There are towels provided. Usually you’ll find a sex chaise chair which is a delight to play on. There is a ton of space and easily fits twice as many couples as Pearl’s playroom. Due to the door, the room can get a little cold. Very comfortable and spacious to spread out for any type of fucking.

Pearl Playroom: Located inside the disco and to the right of the bar is the playroom. It has a sheer curtain that separates it from the main room, just steps from the bar. It is a U-shaped room with some sheer curtains that hang from the ceiling should you choose to use them (there most of the time). There is no giant group bed or toys or swing (usually). There are towels provided. There might be enough room to accommodate 10 couples or so and that would be crowded. Still a nice area for some head or less acrobatic sex. Be prepared to be at least close to other couples that come in, which can be a nice ice-breaker.

RM Roof Jacuzzi: You’ll have to climb basically 3 flights of stairs to reach the roof. You’ll find a large jacuzzi with a swim up bar on one side with in water stools and some seating on the inside of the jacuzzi rim. Up a couple of stairs is a glass enclosed shower and then about three open air beds and jacuzzi. Down those couple of steps are some chairs and tables along with 5-6 more canopy beds like on the beach. And, you can walk up to the bar on this side. There are cubbies for clothes and of course towels. Due to the depth and height of the water benches, sex and blowjobs are pretty accessible. You can also sit on the edge of the jacuzzi, one side has a glass wall. The beds are going to be where most of the sex action happens.

Pearl Jacuzzi: Bigger than RM and on the ground floor with just two stairs. Walk to the bar for hand-rails down into the water. The bar is swim up only with water stools. This jacuzzi area has a couple of open air showers and the clothes cubbies and, of course, towels. There are about 10 cabana beds around the perimeter and no other seating. These beds tend to be less lit with light than RM, but still easy enough to see your friends fucking in the bed next to you. There are some platforms in the center of the jacuzzi, situated for sex, but if the water level is too high this can be a challenge. Blow jobs are going to probably require you sit on the edge of the jacuzzi unless you’re pretty tall. The beds are going to be where most of the sex action happens.

RM Spa & Gym: The gym at spa is top notch and easy to get in and out. Inside the changing rooms are also located the bathrooms, steam and sauna (both sides men & women are the same). There are various treatment rooms for services. If you do a couples session you’ll have access to a private jacuzzi room for a period of time then you’ll be escorted to a couples treatment room. The services are top notch and the same at each resort.

Pearl Spa & Gym: The gym is not the best here but the spa amenities more than make up for it. Aside from the normal changing rooms, each side (men & women) have a separate large room with a large jacuzzi, steam room and sauna – very romantic. You can use these before and after your treatment. There are various treatment rooms for services. The services are top notch, both standard and erotic (read about our Five Senses Fantasy here.) The couples treatment room has a private jacuzzi inside. The spa is bigger at Pearl and your sexy time may be longer due to the open shared jacuzzi and steam areas.

Conclusion: We’re not going to make a conclusion for you, this is just a comparison. Neither resort is better than the other they are just different. We aren’t getting into the food, we consider this a tie by any means. You can take a look at the various room types online – we prefer Ocean View at RM and Master Suite at Pearl. Some Pearl suites have an outdoor plunge pools attached and some suites like the Penthouse Passion are rooftop with their own plunge pools as well. And now Pearl has the Mansion. RM has jacuzzi suites as well as Passion and Desire suites – so rooms are all across the board. Sexy Photos: Both resorts have Provoke Photos available and both resorts have lots of places to snap those sexy photos. We are partial to the dock at Pearl.

The Sex: You’ll find lots of opinions on which resort has the younger or more rowdy and sex-oholic crowds. We have found this varies wildly depending on time of year, there is no easy bet. On a whole Pearl seems the more laid back of the two resorts, though that doesn’t always hold. We do see more resort takeovers at RM, but we credit that to the gazebo and large disco for classes and meet-ups. Either way you can participate as much or as little as you want. No always means no. You’ll see and want to participate in sex any and everywhere. We never seen anyone asked to stop any sexual activity (as long as consensual). Aside from your room sex places on your list should include: jacuzzi, beach beds, pool (quietly), balcony, nightclub, playroom, other couples’ room, and the dock (when it reopens),  Feel free to ask us anything about anything in this article or make a suggestion for something you’d like to see covered.

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