Camping & Sex: Romance Under The Stars Can Be Orgasmically Fun

Camping & Sex: Romance Under The Stars
Can Be Orgasmically Fun

Invest in an ENO double hammock for good outdoor sex.

There’s something about sex in the great outdoors that feels taboo and totally natural at the same time, which might be why camping sex is a such a big turn-on for so many nature lovers. Perhaps it is the camping itself, the idea of a tent, the great outdoors, being alone (or even near others), the fire or perhaps self sufficiency, but there is just something about camping that gets people all hot and bothered. It is true that outdoor-enthusiasts are having fantastic sex in their tents or under the stars. Of course you CAN have sex anywhere under almost any conditions. Here we will explore the pros and cons as well as risky and not-so-risky locations. We also may have a few tricks up our sleeves to make that trip into the wild the best you can make it. Like any scout, it is best to be prepared.

There has been plenty of research showing the best way to break your habitual lack of satisfaction is to escape to the great outdoors and spend time in a tent with your lover. Camping can provide a wide number of benefits to be sure, but perhaps the most satisfying is the affect it can have on improving your sexual activity. The main culprit for lack of sexual satisfaction is stress – a sure-fire killer for anyones sex life. Pressure of a busy work life combined with family and children without the necessary time for yourself and appropriate sex can increase your cortisol levels and suppresses your sex hormones. Camping can provide an escape from the clutches of routine and reconnect you with your wild side.

The Essential Elements Of Any Successful Sex Camping Adventure:

Location, location, location: You’ll want to find a spot where you can spy any errant hiker before they spot you; this might mean high ground or far away from the trail. Make it comfy: Avoid sharp rocks and protruding sticks. You’ll need a blanket for snuggle time, a sleeping bag and maybe some ground cushioning all location dependent. Don’t forget matches for your sexy-time fire pit plus you might get cold. Consider your tent carefully: think through the time element to put up the tent, necessary room, and how see-through the tent may be are your main considerations. Gear up: look into a two-person sleeping bag, the right lighting will be an important, be prepared to repel the bugs with bug-candles or bug spray/lotion, and invest in some moist wipes. The proper romantic munchies: be sure to pack in your cheese and wine or whatever else gets the juices flowing and don’t forget your post-coital desert.

Seek out some movies about camping and sex, or sex outdoors. There are plenty to choose among ranging from the teen horror movies in the late 1970s to current popular movies and of course, lots of porn about sex and camping. There are also some great advice books (pretty short) to help guide you on your journey. Head over to Amazon and watch Sex & Camping, a cute 38 minute short film that will have you laughing and in the mood.

A Few Rules And Tips You Need To Know: Designated or Dispersed Camping?

Designated campgrounds come with amenities like toilets, tables and treated water. Some let you reserve sites; others are first-come, first-served. Most charge fees.  Dispersed camping is the better option if you love seclusion, spontaneity, selecting your own site and being self-sufficient. You’ll have to pack your own water & supplies and deal with your own waste. Reference the Leave No Trace principles.

Where does one find all of these designated and dispersed camping spots? A wide variety of land-management areas: national parks, state and local parks, national forests, tribal lands and private property. Check out Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) for some good spaces or browse the Just be sure to follow that research with a Google Satellite Map search to locate secluded areas. Research up front will ensure prime fucking when the time is right later.

Sometimes You Just Want To Be Comfortable When Roughing It:

For a more luxurious sex while camping experience we turn to “glamping,” which is a combination of the words glamorous and camping. You can enjoy the great outdoors with many of the comforts of home. While it’s a fun experience just about any time of the year, autumn may be one of the best seasons of all. You’ll get the best of both worlds, immersed in gorgeous fall scenery while sleeping in a cozy bed and perhaps enjoying many other luxurious perks you wouldn’t normally find at a standard campground. While the sex may or may not be any better, the experience may be more memorable than your run-of-the-mill camping. We recommend the luxury of the canvas cabins at Red Rock Ranch in Montana; the canvas tents at Under Canvas Mount Rushmore in South Dakota offer a unique location; Ventana near Big Sur is hard to beat; but our all-time favorite is the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Thailand – they call them tents, but you’ll be immersed in luxury.

Just The Two Of You? Or Looking For A Group Affair:

Aside from glamping or roughing it on your own another appealing option might be nude-friendly or swinger-friendly campgrounds. These options won’t be epic and the scenery will be more along the lines of other naked people. Chances are you won’t have a waterfall and many don’t even allow public sex. These camping options are dotted all over like Pandora’s Forest in Tennessee, Sun Aura in Indiana, Freedom Acres in San Bernardino, OTR4U outside Dallas, Cap D’Agde in France, Paradise Valley in Georgia. You might trade your privacy for voyeurism, but one added bonus is that many of these campgrounds come with a lifestyle club or even a pool on property. You will only enjoy these if meeting people is on your agenda, otherwise stick with finding your own special place.

Get In The Mood For Sex While Camping:

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